January 15, 2007

Redesigned OGR vector support in SharpMap!

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Since change set 16268 SharpMap uses the new C# swig bindings of GDAL 1.4 . Tamas Szekeres implemented many important type maps to make the C# swig bindings useable. Thanks for this great work.

Although i don’t like the automatic swig based api, i prefer this way of using GDAL in SharpMap, because i get rid of the old GDALWrapper. This one wasn’t easy to maintain and took a lot of time for me and many others.

The new OGR Provider allows you to read any vector format supported by GDAL. (e.g. GML, MapInfo, MySQL, U.S. Census TIGER/Line, SQLite and many more) Look here for more information .

You can find the files the OGR Provider depends on at the CodePlex project page of SharpMap. See under “Extensions” on the “Home” tab.

If you like to use the binaries for you own GIS projects, just refrence the *_csharp.dlls. But you have to copy the other dlls as well, because they do the magic wrapping stuff.

I will show some examples of using these C# swig bindings in the near future.



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